First Call  FPPS 2015


Style sheet


Conference Fee







                        Friday, 13 November 2015


                        11.00-12.00     Arrival and registration of guests and participants


12.00-12.30     Opening ceremony and welcome addresses:


                                                Duško Radosavljević, Organizing Committee Chair

                                                Mirjana Franceško, Dean

                                                Vladimir Pavlov, Provincial Secretary for Science


12.30-13.30     PLENARY LECTURES

                                                Radovan Vukadinović, “Security in Contemporary World“

                                                Bojana Petrić Pantelić, “Authorial Identity in Academic Texts“

 Zoran Sušanj, “How Organisational Values Affect Human Resources Management”


13.30-13.45     Coffee break


13.45-15.45     PANEL SESSION “Social Values – Threats and Strategies of Resistance”

                                                Slobodan Marković, “Security – between hopes and threats

                                                Momčilo Talijan, “Peculiarities of police organizational culture“

 Ante Orlović, “Partnership of public and private (corporate) security – a way to combat economic crime and corruption“


15.45–16.30     Lunch


16.30–18.30    PANEL SESSION “Human Identity and Values in the Contemporary Society: Psychological Aspects“

Dragan Popadić, Aggressiveness in secondary-school sports fans

Mirjana Franceško, Organization-related values in managers and students“

Gregor Žvelc, “Measuring interpersonal relationships with the Test of object relations – 17 years of research“


PANEL SESSION (contd.) “Social Values – Threats and Strategies of Resistance” (Room 116, 1st floor)


20.00                Conference Dinner – “Alaska barka”


                        Saturday, 14 November 2015


                        09.30-11.30    PANEL SESSION “Legal Values and Democratic Identity“

Duška Franeta, “Traditionalist annihilation of justice

                                                Peter Smuk, “Protection of political debates in election campaigns

                                                Petar Teofilović, “Freedom of expression : The Lingens case and its importance


                        11.30-11.45     Coffee Break


                        11.45-13.45     PANEL SESSION “Social Transformations in Serbia – 25 Years Later“

 Alpar Lošonc, “Contribution of feminist political economy to reconceptualization of identity”

 Magdalena Rekšč, “European values in Serbia after 2000“

 Boris Kršev, (Dis) integrating processes in Serbia in the late 20th century as the result of nationalist politics“


PANEL SESSION (contd.) “Human Identity and Values in the Contemporary Society: Psychological Aspects“

(Room 116, 1st floor)




13.45-15.45     PANEL SESSION „Economic Identity

                        Cvetko Andreeski, “Structural analysis of life insurance: comparative study between the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Serbia”

Nebojša Petrović, Personal factors affecting entrepreneurial inclination

Milenko Macura, “Strategic management – improving the national competitiveness in Serbia


                     PANEL SESSION “Characteristics of Interethnic Relationships in Multicultural Environments” (Room 116, 1st floor)

Dean Ajduković, “Interethnic relations between young people in a post-conflict community“

Aleksandra Kostić, “Culture and emotions“

Ružena Šimonji-Černak, “Language and identity of the Slovak diaspora”


15.45–16.15    Lunch


16.15-18.00     PANEL SESSION “Language and Identity“

Slavica Perović, “Language and gender as identity markers“          

Jerca Vogel, “Awareness of identity function of language – a key element in the development of the critical communicative competence in the first language teaching“

                                                Gordana Todorić, “Language and the Holocaust“


18.30    Closing Ceremony